Blood Donors : Just An SMS Away
As you read this a patient may be critically ill. Whether he lives or dies depends on whether a unit of blood of the right type is available.

India is always facing a shortage of blood.

People have to run from pillar to post for a unit of blood in their own city or another city where they go for treatment of a loved one.

There are times when a patient dies for want of blood.

Please register as a donor at the site and save the life of someone's loved one.

Pass the message. And let's build a community that cares!

In an endeavour to facilitate easy availability of Blood Donors to the people of India , Indianblooddonors. com has mobile enabled their helpline.

With this initiative, getting donors is merely a matter of a brief SMS.

Please read note below before sending SMS:

Please ensure that there is one space between Blood, STD Code, Blood Group, and First Name.

The RH Factor should be either (Positive) or (Negative).

Do not use + or - sign to represent Rh factor.

www.indianblooddono is a platform which brings Voluntary blood donors who wish to donate blood and patients who need blood together.

The services of the helpline are free of cost.

No money is to be paid to the donors.

For every SMS sent you will get one donors name and telephone number.

The SMS should be sent by the patient's relative who will coordinate the blood donation. We will block mobile numbers from using our helpline if we feel that there is misuse.

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